Amazon Seller Guide: 
Success In The
Holidays (Q4)

Find out how to make the most of the best months of the year!

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Holiday season, or Q4 as it’s known in ecommerce, is upon us. As an Amazon seller you need to have a sophisticated marketing and operational strategy set out for the 4th quarter ahead of time. This ebook will explain:

  • Q4 revenue trends on Amazon and what to expect
  • Forecasting and how to order just the right amount of stock
  • How to time your shipments to perfection
  • Improving your listings and BSR in preparation for the season
  • Q4 pricing and bundling “hacks” to increase sales velocity
  • Inventory tracking during the season
  • Handling your refunds effectively during this busy quarter

Prepare for the holiday season now to maximize profits
and minimize headaches!


Shane Stinemetz, Director Fetcher

After becoming an Amazon FBA seller, Shane left silicon valley to travel, run his successful ecommerce business and build Fetcher, an Amazon Analytics platform that helps sellers fully understand their financials.

Tried and tested methods to prepare for Q4, with insights and tips from some of the top sellers on Amazon in 3 easy steps:

  • Inventory Preparation – Forecasting predictions & how to avoid an unwanted stock-out

  • Listing Improvements – Maintain your competitive edge and boost your BSR

  • Monitor Performance – Be proactive with inventory management and sales reporting with these tips

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