Amazon Seller Strategies Episode #1: How I LOST $700 On My First LAUNCH

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Seller Strategies Episode #1: How I LOST $700 On My First LAUNCH

As many of you know by now, selling on Amazon is a great opportunity.  Amazon FBA and FBM sellers are both able to leverage the platform’s vast reach and engaged audience to promote their products. However as the saying goes, “Nothing worth having comes easy”.

Regardless if you just started selling online this year or if are a more experienced seller, there are many different approaches to becoming a successful Amazon seller. Some sellers prefer the Amazon FBA model where Amazon (for a fee) will not only store your products in their fulfillment center but will also pack and ship your items while providing customer service. Other sellers prefer the Amazon FBM model where the seller retains more control of their products with lower fulfillment costs.

No matter which strategy you choose, sellers will tell you there are things they wish they could do over. Especially information they wish they had learned earlier in the process that would have saved them a lot of time and money. While we can’t go back in time with the knowledge we know now, we can do everything in our power to help set our audience up for success. Which is why we are proud to announce our new weekly video series “Seller Strategies” hosted by Maria Galindo and Ervin Ong!

This video series will provide you with a first hand look at the triumphs and lessons learned from two experience Amazon FBA sellers. Maria is the Product Manager for Fetcher and is currently selling multiple products on Amazon. And Ervin is a Product Evangelist at Splitly and is currently building his brand on Amazon, as well as his own branded ecommerce storefront. In addition to being experienced sellers, both of them have a tremendous amount of knowledge when it comes to selling on Amazon using both Amazon FBA and FBM.

Maria and Ervin have spoken with hundreds of our customers looking to optimize their product listings while increasing their bottom line revenue. Each week, they will look to share their knowledge with you as they discuss new topics as it relates to selling on Amazon.

In this weeks edition, Maria will share a lesson she learned the hard way when launching her first product. (Here’s a hint, it has to do with reviews!) She will discuss the go-to market strategy she used that ended up costing her $700 right out of the gate. Ervin will let viewers know his thoughts on how to have a successful product launch. When is the correct time to activate your Amazon PPC campaigns?  How reviews impact the initial launch of your product? And so much more.

If you enjoy these videos, please follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our YouTube channel. Feel free to leave us a comment with any feedback you may have or topics you would like to see on future Seller Strategies videos!

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3 Comments on “Amazon Seller Strategies Episode #1: How I LOST $700 On My First LAUNCH”

  1. Dear Pro,
    Your share is great, i also wanna know how to find good product to sell, which side we should focus to compare product that we reasearching

  2. I’ve always turned on PPC right away. However, I think whether that’s the right approach or not depends on the product. For example, some products can sell just fine without reviews or with a good discount. These are products that are cheap and not really error prone, an example may be cups or decorative items. However, some products will not sell without reviews, these are things such as expensive water filters, hoverboards, or food.

  3. Great quick comparison between the two strategies. I tend to side with Maria. Yes, Amazon doesn’t know initially what your product is about and, yes, Maria did probably gain some invisible A9 algorithm benefit from her non-purchasing PPC clickers… but $700 worth?? I don’t think so. Also, even if you do promote your product to friends, family etc. from the day the listing goes ‘live’, it will take at least a few days to a week before they are able to buy and receive the product and then leave any kind of review (unless there’s some short-cut way of fast-tracking this???!!!) So, in the meantime, there are still no initial reviews on your listing and so likely the PPC spend still goes down the drain (Maria spend the $700 in only a couple of weeks!). So, for me, getting at least 5 reviews before turning on PPC makes sense, and probably only costs you a little extra time…Maria Win!

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