How to Calculate Your Amazon Profits with Seller Central

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What is the most exciting part about being an Amazon seller? Getting sales, of course! Prior to those first sales, the Amazon seller road is paved with apprehension and self-doubt. Newbies toil over the same questions… What if my boxes are not labeled properly and Amazon rejects the shipment? What if my product does not sell? What if my first … Read More

Master Amazon FBA Fees

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The Fetcher blog is quickly becoming synonymous with the messiest and most convoluted facets of Amazon seller life. So be it! We like to grapple with the hard stuff. Have you heard the ancient proverb: “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link?” Where is the chink in your armor? What is the Weak Link in Your Amazon Game? … Read More

Top 3 Accounting/Financial Mistakes Amazon Sellers Make

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Over 240 million people shop on Amazon! Naturally, there’s an increase in business-savvy sellers who want to take advantage of this target-rich environment. In fact, there are over 100,000 new sellers added to the Amazon marketplace every year. The reality is that many of those new sellers make fatal mistakes in the early days and disappear within the first 6 … Read More

3 lessons for employees making the jump to full-time Amazon seller

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The entrepreneurial spirit is a powerful thing. For the first time, a majority of Americans think that starting a business is a great opportunity (Gallup research poll from 2015). The millennial generation is largely responsible for the recent swing to entrepreneurialism. Enthralled by the startup culture and Silicon Valley software boom, the image of success for new college grads has … Read More

4 Tax Deductions for Your Amazon Business

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4 Tax Deductions for Your Amazon Business   Taxes. Yuck. The only thing worse than saying the word out loud is reading an entire blogpost on the topic. But you’re here now, and the deadline for American businesses to file taxes is 4 weeks out. Press on.   We can blame the ancient Greeks for modernizing taxes. Alexander the Great … Read More