Many Amazon sellers do not know their true profits!

Get a grip on your business financials with the free Fetcher Profit Calculator

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Make sure you understand how your products are performing with
this simple but effective tool which accounts for:


Upfront costs

(samples, design, photography)


 Fixed costs

(cost of goods sold, importing
and shipping)


Variable costs

(FBA fees)


Marketing costs

(promotions and pay per click costs)

From here the calculator can provide your accurate Net Margin Per Unit
at different price points, and your Gross Margin!

“I used this profit calculator when launching my first product on Amazon and it helped me to save money and keep track of my outgoings and profits.”April Rupa
“Thanks for this great resource it really helped me understand how my products were performing and improve my cashflow”Elliot Tillo

Ideal for new product launches or evaluating existing product margins!

Have the confidence to say your business is profitable:

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